One of the exciting opportunities I have in my profession, and specifically at Lovelace Interiors, is collaborating on projects with other Interior Designers. We have an amazing time working together and most often it results in a thoroughly well executed design from concept to installation. Cara McBroom and I designed this beautiful beachfront transitional condo in Destin Florida in a building where Brittany Spears and Courtney Cox used to have beach homes. Cara discusses our project together in a “guest blog”! I hope you enjoy! Signature Beach Interior Design May 27, 2013 by caramcbroom This condominium was a delightful project that I had the pleasure of working on with fellow designer, Joey LaSalle! Our mission was to take this beautiful condo, which had some rather generic finishes and features, and remodel it in a way that would play up its best features (mainly the views!) and update the rest. We wanted to remain in keeping with the architecture of the building, which is more modern, and bring in some coastal elegance, with touches of rich luxury! The result is very beautiful, rich and restful… Living Area: [img_caption img=”” caption=”Welcome to the Living Room! We aimed for a cool, natural, relaxing environment with color accents […]