Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Why Hire an Interior Designer?


A: Professional Interior Designers can do so much more than recommend furniture, fabrics and colors. In addition to their in depth knowledge of products, materials and finishes, professional designers have the training and expertise to plan, schedule, execute and manage your project from start to finish. They know and work closely with many vendors, contractors and other service providers coordinating and orchestrating the entire design team. Designers also provide specification and purchasing services to procure materials, furniture, accessories and art, some of which you might not be able to find on your own.

Q: How is an Interior Designer different than a Decorator?


A: These two terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably, as if they were identical professions. While both may have the ability and talent to create beautiful rooms—as well as roles that often overlap—the two are not synonymous. Designers are often confused with interior decorators, but there is a difference.

In the most basic sense, an Interior Designer is professionally trained, educated, typically holding a four year degree from a CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) accredited college or university. Professional Designers conceptualize and coordinate the interior, and often times the exterior, elements to bring a cohesive look of a house or commercial space.

Designers can remodel, change the configuration of walls creating or redesigning a space on a more permanent level. This means, their designs must not only meet with the client’s approval, but also comply with federal, state, and local building regulations and codes. Designers coordinate with architects, engineers, and contractors, have an understanding ergonomics, lighting, and acoustics. Interior Design is a calculated study of form and function, scale and proportion.

An Interior Decorator requires no formal education, usually works on houses, and focuses mainly on furnishings and decor. While both an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator provide input on aesthetics, the Interior Designer typically goes beyond to provide further input on the functionality, efficiency, and safety of a space improving the quality of life.

An Interior Designer is a qualified professional who has the background and schooling required to make complex decisions about interior spaces.

Interior Designers and Interior Decorators both perform important jobs — but it’s important that we don’t continue to confuse the two. To do so is a disservice to both professions. (So next time you see your local Interior Designer or Decorator — make sure you call them by the right title.)

Q: It seems like a luxury to hire an Interior Designer to help me with my home. Can I afford it?


A: Interior designer’s save you money by showing you how to best use what you already have in your home more efficiently, to maximize aesthetic impact and improve function while helping you achieve a more cohesive and polished style. In addition, we help avoid costly mistakes of making uninformed buying decisions, purchasing furnishings of improper scale and proportion, and guiding you toward quality design elements that fit your lifestyle and personal taste. Joey LaSalle can offer you a wide array of programs that allow you to hire a Designer to assist you at multiple levels of service and budget.

Q: What about our initial consultation? How should I prepare? Is there a fee?

A: Our initial consultation appointment is scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.Joey will come to your home to discuss your interior design and lifestyle goals, desires and needs. This comprehensive needs analysis allows to get us to know one another, set expectations and helps you understand the design process and how Joey works to assist you. This is a very good time to present me with your “wish lists”, concept images from magazines or photos of rooms, design elements, colors, accessories and furnishings that you like and would like to incorporate in your design. Joey will typically take a photo inventory of any furnishings that you currently own that you would like to use as well as “before” photos for reference. Our initial meeting will help outline our suggestions and recommendations for your project. The fee for this consultation is $150 per hour and should allow for a 2-hour time commitment.

Q: Can I hire you for consultation only?

A: Of course! I am available to help you by the hour for in-home consultation, research, conference with contractors on home-improvement projects or shopping with you OR for you for furnishings, art and accessories. Fee’s for “Consultation ONLY” are $150.00 per hour. A two-hour minimum is required.

Q: How do you charge for your service?

A: Unless otherwise noted and agreed upon all other Design Services are obtained on an hourly basis.Specialized programs for Builders, Real Estate Professionals and Concierge Services also offer value-based flat fee agreements. Please inquire and a current fee structure for these programs will be sent to you. Full design projects require a conceptual design. The use of a retainer fee is assessed on a case by case basis determined by the scope, timeframe, and overall work load required of the project. Retainer fees will be applied only to Design Consultant’s hours and project costs as incurred. Retainer fees will not be applied to any purchase of merchandise.

Q: Are you available on nights and week ends?

A. I’m typically available Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Saturday appointments are available if scheduled in advance. Sundays are strictly reserved for worship, family and rejuvenation.

Q:Does Joey design outside of DESTIN & the Emerald Coast?


A: Of course! I do travel to help clients wherever they have need. When hiring me for design projects outside of, the communities of Destin, San Destin and the 30-A Corridor, some travel expenses will be incurred by the client.

Q: Do I need an Interior Designer if I already have an Architect or Builder?

A: Architects and Builders work very differently than Interior Designers. Most Architects and Builders work is focused on the building’s structural components and prefer not to work with details of interiors, such as kitchen and bath design, custom cabinetry, color schemes, flooring specifications, and wall and window treatments. Designers create a master plan for the interior of your entire home which can be implemented in stages, as your budget allows. The ideal design team consists of both an Architect or Builder and an Interior Designer in order to cover all the intricacies of your project and to ensure the cohesiveness of your overall design.