DIGITAL MURALS! I know there will be quite a discussion on this one, as most of you cringe at the mention of the word “mural” ! You are probably remembering the popular Tahitian Beach scene of the 1970’s paired with dark wall paneling and a lava lamp….THIS IS NOT THAT! I admit it’s a delicate balance between the careful selection of your graphics and knowing where to use them to maximize the design impact without diminishing its “coolness”. (NOTE: Appropriately placed stunning visual art will always take a room to the next level!) The digital high resolution murals of today literally help transcend the space and expand the dimension of a room’s four walls. There is a tremendous selection available to choose from and large scale designs can be printed on a number of desirable mediums from vinyl wallpaper, to artist canvas and more. Whether you want a permanent fixture in a room or a look that can be easily refreshed, the choice is yours! Beautiful high resolution imagery and technological advances in graphic design have helped make digital murals big digs in 2013!
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