Today when people are making any sort of investment, especially one as personal as their own home environment, they want the MOST bang for their buck! Interior Designers are expected to stay ahead of the trends, research, shop and source product, produce fresh concepts and ideas, problem solve according to the situations or lifestyles of the client, make incredible selections within the desired budget, install a dynamic newly designed room complete with all the bells and whistles of the latest in technology and home furnishings, be a mind reader, psychic, marriage counselor and have answers to every scenario, place orders, track orders, write contracts, attract new business, supervise all the subcontractors on a jobsite, meet all project deadlines, and deliver it all with a smile on their face and excellent customer service without a hair out of place….never let ‘em see you sweat, right?

Multiply that by 6-10 projects that a Designer may have going simultaneously at any given time, and is it any wonder that a day in the life of an Interior Designer can get very complicated. You can easily see how it can take a tribe, and in 2013 many people investing in the design of their home are no longer looking to hire a single Designer but a TEAM of Designers instead! Over the last few years, Design has been shifting from being about a single person to being about a group. You maybe have noticed this even on some of your favorite Design programs on HGTV or DIY, where you see multiple Designers discussing and working their projects around a table in a conference room, etc. In 2013 it’s all about the group dynamic that will make projects multi-dimensional, richer, fuller, more exciting, more cohesive and well thought out. Having multiple Designers running their hands over a project will refine and strengthen the concepts.

Beyond the talent, education, experience and knowledge of the Team of Interior Designers, it’s just as important that they have access to and solid relationships with Contractors, Window Treatment & Bedding Fabricators, Upholsterers, Painters, Faux Finishers, Electricians, Plumbers, Wall Paper Installers and the list goes on! Today, people want the very best return on their investment and hiring a Design Team is indeed the way to go.

The Designer’s each bring years of experience to the table and the collaboration between them is nothing short of electric! Each of them complement the other and you get the best of each of them. Also, hiring more than one single Designer helps ensure project deadlines are met, which helps save you valuable time and money. A single Designer can’t be in two places at once, where a Design Team can divide and conquer! There’s less chance for mistakes or error, as you have greater accountability and multiple sets of eyes, ears and hands working to ensure the success of your job.

Desgin Team CollaborativesI’m so blessed working at Lovelace Interiors as we are a progressive Design Firm that fosters and encourages the very best outcome for our Clients and a Collective Team environment for the Design Staff. We have just over 10 Full Time Designer on Staff and depending on the scope of the project, most of us partner on our projects which means that our clients get the benefit of having two Designers knowledge, experience and expertise working for them. We are dedicated to our work, one another and our clients, AND we love what we do! As I have carefully researched and studied the direction of Interior Design for 2013, the Design Team Collaborative is something that I just couldn’t leave off the list. I hope you’ve enjoyed my TOP 13 DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2013 and I wish you inspired living in the coming year!