These types of wall panels have been most commonly seen in commercial enviroments like hotel lobbys, nightclubs and day spas but 2013 shows a big trend toward accenting these in the home! These textured wall panels are made from an entirely green (recycled natural) material, can be painted any color you want and some even have acoustical value (ie. MEDIA ROOMS, HOME THEATERS)! I’m not recommending you cover your walls with this look, but I do think it has high impact for focal walls of importance, such as in the entry hall, powder/guest bath room, fireplace wall, Master Bed Wall. For smaller applications I think this will be on trend for backsplashes, Closet walls (Ie. Closet Doors, camouflaging the doors in a seamless apllication with the wall), or even as a tub surround in the master bath! Left white and grazed with colored lighting, you can change your walls with the color of your mood! Your eyes do not decieve you in that last photo, there is recessed lighting INSIDE the wall to help accent the texture and make a WOW statement!
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