RECLAIMED WOOD! If everything in your home was bought at the same time and has nearly the same age to it, chances are you’re struggling to find ways to add character and charm to your interior. Reclaimed wood may be your answer! 2012 saw a surge of reclaimed/recycled wood case goods flood the market and this trend will continue through 2013!
Generally crafted from the wood of deconstructed factories, barns and old houses, reclaimed wood furniture and accessories are finding new relevance inside our homes. Beyond the eco-responsibility of reusing materials, it’s indisputable that reclaimed wood brings beauty and character that nothing else can. Each piece’s imperfections make it unique…no two pieces are alike. In the modern era, with the luster of high gloss lacquers, shiny tiles, flashy wallpapers, sparkling crystal or glass light fixtures, the worn matte texture of reclaimed wood furniture and accessories help to ground the space and provide balance so that everything doesn’t feel so manufactured.
These pieces are literally diamonds in the rough and help balance new with old. Now that reclaimed wood goes beyond flooring and has extended to wall installations, furniture and accessories, as with most of the Trends I’ve talked about this year so far, a little bit goes a long way….balance and integration of reclaimed woods with industrial or modern styling is the key, otherwise you might find yourself living like Laura Ingalls! (just sayin’)
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