Builder Programs

Joey LaSalle is proud offer a “Home Builder Preferred Partner Program” that will enhance your company’s image by extending your scope of services to include Interior Design as a value based provision for your clients which builds their trust, eases their minds about design detail, and frees up your time to concentrate on the critical items that will move your business forward.

As Home Builders, reinvention always requires sharpening your best practices, streamlining your sourcing, minimizing inefficiencies, improving communication, protecting trust and expanding services for your buyers.

Joey LaSalle is proud to partner with Home Builders in making these goals a reality and aid in accelerated sales of your properties.

Joey has been working alongside General Contractors and Builders for many years and understands first-hand, some of the most critical touch points in making your construction projects a success.  Joey can help you:

  • Save time and money by maintaining schedules,
  • Operating within a budget,
  • Eliminate or minimize costly errors or mistakes, and
  • Ensure your completed homes flow, function well and stand out amongst the competition.

Our Builder Preferred Partner Program is geared toward top quality Builders who are committed to establishing and maintaining a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.  Together, we can ensure the maximum in service and mutually beneficial business referral & client growth opportunities.

If you are a Custom Home or Spec Home Builder and you are interested in working together with Joey  to maximize the design in your projects thus increasing your sales and earnings, you’ll want to see what he can do for you!

Move your business forward and Contact Joey directly to set an appointment today!  615-585-5638 or